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    Mail Merge using two data sources (Word 2003)

    I have two Excel sheets with data on them. I can Mail Mrge from either happily, and recently how to extract the data from both together, but I still can do what I need to do.
    One of the sheets has a list of Place information and the other a list of People at each Place. I need to create a merged document where each page has Place location then a list of People at that Place followed by some more details from the Place information. Basically I need the document to look like this this:

    Place Location

    List of People at Place

    Place Contact Info

    >> next Place

    The difficulty I have is getting the People list in the middle. I have a reference number in both lists that tie People to Place.
    I expect Access is really the way to go but I don't know Access and I want to use the Styles in Word to format the merged data ready for publishing.

    Is a macro the way forward or is it possible using a "Mail Merge" ?

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    Re: Mail Merge using two data sources (Word 2003)

    I think you'll have to create a single list as data source, for example on the People sheet, with lookup formulas to retrieve information from the Places sheet.

    You can then use the technique described in How to use mail merge to create a list sorted by category in Word to group the data by place.

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