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    Auto replace/numbering of paragraphs (MS Word 2003)

    Hi all....I am looking for some sort of 'formula' or macro that will replace '?' with paragraph numbers. I am attaching a .txt file.

    I prefer to work with the .txt file, but I can switch to a .doc format if required.....anyway, I will generally start with the 'whole' document as shown; I will delete the paragraphs that I don't want and make some small changes to remaining paragraphs. I then want to be able to run a macro that automatically number the remaining paragraphs. At this point, I have shown the 'start' of each paragagraph with a "?", thinking that some sort of search & replace (with sequentail numbers) will do what I need.......any suggestions? Thank you.
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    Re: Auto replace/numbering of paragraphs (MS Word 2003)

    Please don't post the same question in two forums. It can only lead to duplication and confusion.

    I have posted a reply in the other thread in the Word forum, starting at <post:=640,237>post 640,237</post:>. This thread is locked.

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