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Thread: Wireless N

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    Wireless N

    Has anyone had any experiences with Wireless N? I am considering upgrading my Linksys G to N.
    Thanks John
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    Re: Wireless N

    I just installed the Linksys WRT150N router 2 days ago so I don't have much experience with it yet. My Dlink router (11.g) went bad after a year (DI-784). I'm still using Dlink's network card and it is wired to the Linksys and it works great.

    Installing the Linksys router was so simple. I just connect the cables, turned on my PC and I was surfing the internet. The default settings in the router worked for me but that may not be the case with someone else. It does seem to run faster.

    I haven't set up my other PC on a wireless setup yet but hopefully this weekend. So many other things to do.

    I recommend changing the SSID name, admin password, and set the broadcast SSID to disable. Not sure if that last setting will affect my wireless once I install the network card and test it but I'm sure I'll find out.

    It's only 2 days worth of experience but hope that gives you some help.
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