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    Cut and paste objects with cells (Excel 2003 SP2)

    I have an application that cuts and pastes a range of cells, which include combo boxes and drawing objects. The combo boxes and drawing objects are supposed to move with the cut and paste. They don't; they remain behind.

    This cut and paste operation used to work perfectly. My employer recently "updated" my computer and reloaded MS Office 2003 (same version as I used before). In my efforts to customize Excel (and Word) the way I like it, I have changed something so that the cut an paste operation doesn't work properly. (It worked before I started customizing.) My customization has been somewhat extensive, and I don't remember all the changes that I made. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? (The "move and size with cells" option is selected in the format object property menu.)


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    Re: Cut and paste objects with cells (Excel 2003 SP2)

    Select Tools | Options...
    Activate the Edit tab.
    Make sure that the check box labeled "Cut, copy and sort objects with cells" is ticked.

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