Have a problem with MAPI that maybe one of you gurus can solve.
- Tried to install Outlook-Express to make use of the hotmail/express option. Previous Outlook worked quite well, even the Fax capability was working.
- Now when I try to setup internet mail, I am not prompted for details and attempts at retreaving mail results in either a MAPI error or the informative error box "The action cannot be completed. The action cannot be completed." (yes twice!)
-Things I have tried: Re-installation. Removal and installation. Removal and installation in Intenet Only (IO) mode, then upgrade to Corporate/Workgroup (CWO). Tried installing Outlook Express to provide another interface, still can not get email to work. The rest is fine, even have access to all of the contacts and old mail. Just no MAPI.
-Any ideas? I'll start a full purge of office in a day or two. Don't know of any other solution.
you can email me at hotmail, user jjjakim