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    Capturing Data (2003/SR2)

    That's probably not the best title, I'm not even sure what to call it and if I did, I'm sure that there is a post that answers my question.

    Using a name and address database for an example, how would I set it up so that I can capture and save information that is entered into certain fields, such as City. In other words, as data is entered if it's not in the list, (hey, maybe some variation of Not In List) it would be captured, for use in another record, however the user could enter information that is not in the list, and then save that info if needed. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Capturing Data (2003/SR2)

    The thread starting at <post:=146,627>post 146,627</post:> provides some examples of using the NotInList event of a combo box to add data to a table.

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