H:i Do any of you have any hands on experience with the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner. It was designed to use with Vista Home Premium and Ultimate (only) . The problem is that for the moment they'll only sell it to computer manufacturers (no home builders)The manufacturers have to certify that its in compliance with something called OCUR - some Federally mandated thing and more than likely a few others. For someone with Digital Cable service like mine there don't seem to be any others on the market, those that say thy can decode Digital have to pick up Premium channels over the air. This one seems to have covered all the bases. For the Premium channels there is a nationally standardized and supplied by the Cable company that can be put into one of these and that will free up the reception. there are External and Internal versions both of which have USB connections. The internal card can be used with an external or can use two external cards together so as to be able to watch two things at the same time. If you should want to do this, both of the Tuners has to have a cable card if you want to watch two Premium channels at the same time. If you get one let the rest of us know Thanks