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    Identify Appointments (OL03 & Server03)

    We have a public calendar on which truck deliveries are entered. Our sales people often forget to include their sales person's name in the appointment. Is there a way to identify who placed an appointment on a public calendar?


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    Re: Identify Appointments (OL03 & Server03)

    It can be done with VBA code. From the Outlook Menu select Tools, Macro, Security, Medium. Open the appointment item. Press Alt-F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor, Then press Ctrl-G to open the Immediates Window, it should appear on the bottom right side of the VBE window. In it enter:


    and press return.

    You can turn this into code (which can be used on the open item or the unopened selected item in the calendar) by wrapping it as follows:

    Sub WhoOrganized()
    Dim strO As String
    If CBool(Inspectors.Count) Then
    strO = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Organizer
    ElseIf TypeName(ActiveWindow) = "Explorer" Then
    strO = ActiveExplorer.Selection(1).Organizer
    End If
    If CBool(Len(strO)) Then MsgBox "Event entered by: " & vbLf & strO
    End Sub

    and then attach it to your toolbar if you wish via View, Toolbars, Customize, Macros.
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