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    Access XP (Access 2000)


    Just looking for input.

    I am currently using Access 2000 but the boss wants to switch to Access XP....does anyone know if there are any conflicts.... as everything I have designed is of course in A2000. I am skeptical of switching until I have some opinions.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Re: Access XP (Access 2000)

    By default, Access 2002 operates in an Access 2000 compatibility mode, that means it can read/write to native Access2000 databases, and share these databases with users still on Access2000. Your decision, then, would be do you want to use Access in this mode or in pure Access2002 mode (there is a format difference, that I've heard provides better performance than Access2000).

    I haven't heard of any major "gotchas" involved in upgrading.
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