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    nicks continuing newbie questions... (2003)

    Hopefully, this is the last of the questions, lol...

    I want to put a date/time stamp on a record when I save it, whcih can be displayed on a form, or on a report. This needs to be the date/time that the record was first saved on - and mustn't change if any ammendments are made. Ideally, I'd like to save any subsequant ammendment dates as well, to produce an audit trail. Is this all possible?

    Thanks again...


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    Re: nicks continuing newbie questions... (2003)

    Easy. Just add a Date/Time field to your table, and call it something like "DateTimeAdded". Set the DefaultValue to: Now()
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    Re: nicks continuing newbie questions... (2003)

    To store the create date and last modified date (and time) of a record:

    Open the table in design view.
    Add two date/time fields: DateCreated and DateModified.
    Set the Default Value property of the DateCreated field to <code>Now()</code>

    On the form used to enter/edit date, put code in the Before Update event of the form:

    Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate()
    Me.DateModified = Now
    End Sub

    This will only save the last time the record was saved. If you want an audit trail, see <post:=320,697>post 320,697</post:> for a simplistic approach, and see Allen Browne - Creating an Audit Log for a more complete solution.

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