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    Personal Folders (2000)

    Everytime I try to create a folder under my Personal Folders, Outlook tries to find my pst file on a floppy disk.
    I have put the disk in and then managed to create a folder on my HDD but each time I try to access it , Outlook goes back to wanting to find my pst file on the floppy.

    Any suggestions???

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    Re: Personal Folders (2000)

    Wierd. Just a thought but have a look where Outlook thinks the underlying physical (.pst) file is located.
    With Outlook running, select Tools | Services and then select the Personal Folders service which is giving the trouble. Then click on Properties - what's the path identifier?
    If you find this is not pointing at the file on the hard disc, you can't change the location of a file for an existing personal folders service, so you will have to introduce a new PF service and point it at the hard disc .pst file.
    PS: What effect do you get if you try and drag and drop a message to an existing folder in the Personal Folders? Does it ask you to load the floppy disk or not?

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