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    Combo box and subform text boxes linked (2003)

    I have a database based off excel data brought in a table in access.I am not sure that this can be done. I have a main form that has 2 combo boxes: State and system and a subform that is based on a query that matches the paramters in the 2 combo boxes that brings in certain facilities. The data pulls in perfectly but I have a boss wants to see all results on the subform and be able to add new ones. If there is a state say GA and system named Greenville it will show all facilities under those parameters. However, if there is a new facility I would like it to show what is showing in the combo boxes to show in the fields in the subform and not have people have to retype. Can this be done?

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    Re: Combo box and subform text boxes linked (2003)

    You could try to link the subform to the mainform on the State and System combo boxes / fields.

    If that doesn't work, you can set the DefaultValue property of the State and System fields on the subform to the values of the corresponding combo boxes on the main form, for example in the On Current event of the subform.

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