We have Windows 98 SE, and dial in to a single ISP to obtain both mail and WWW connection. Outlook Express and Internet Explorer thus use the same dial-up connection. Since adding a third identity to the single Account, we have had trouble when switching identities in Outlook Express, and from Outlook Express to Internet Explorer and vice versa. Often the line will drop, or we'll get a message saying (roughly) that there's already a connection and do we still want to keep it (two tick boxes, of which one is wanted)? Previously, with the two identities we've used for about a year, we had no such problems, and you could switch between identities and programs without problems (although it would ask when switching identities - just an OK button, though). Also, when beginning the dial-up process we would have a tick in the "Connect automatically" box, and it would stay there; now the option is never set, even when we put a tick in the box on the last occasion!

I thought I had set up the third identity to have (almost!) all the configuration information as for the other two. I've been through the options for absolutely everything, and cannot find anything wrong.

I haven't been able to find anything about this on TechNet, and wonder whether anyone else has had these problems, or has any clue as to where I might look? Thanks!