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    Images as binary or oleobject (XP)

    I've always used references to external image files but I am now face to face with images stored in a database (SQL Server) and I really don't know where to start. I can double click on the field in table view and go and get a bitmap that shows on the form, but I cannot see the images the client implanted as ole objects.

    So how do I view the clients images on my form (microsofts web site has a work around using phot editor but this didn't help.And

    How can i go and find an image to implant from a form. Easy to do just getting a reference but imbedding?

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    Re: Images as binary or oleobject (XP)

    You can use ADO to manipulate binary data in an SQL Server database - see How To Access and Modify SQL Server BLOB Data by Using the ADO Stream Object

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