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    scatter charts (office 2003)

    I'm not sure if I'm understanding the scatter chart correctly. I remember PC Magazine some time ago having charts that would measure 'bang for the buck'. One axis would measure cost of the various computers, the other axis would measure speed. Where the 2 would intersect, there would be a dot along with the brand name of the computer. Would this be considered a scatter chart? I made a such a chart and everything seemed ok except I couldn't figure any way to put the brand name alongside the dot (or in a legend, for that matter). Is there a way to do this? If I turn on the legend, it gives me te series name--I want each data point to have it's own name. Showing labels didn't work, either.

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    Re: scatter charts (office 2003)

    Create the chart in Excel, and use Rob Bovey's free XY Chart Labeler add-in to add the brand names as data labels.
    Copy/paste the result into your PowerPoint presentation.

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