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    Partition before image or after on new HD (XPP SP2

    I hope to be changing my laptop harddrive shortly from 60gig with 4 partitions if you count the 32mb diagnostic along with the 3 I use daily. My new drive will be 100gigs with the same number of partitions. I need to add space to all of them (mostly the Data drive). My question is should I partition the new drive first then bring in the image from the old drive (I am using TrueImage 9 workstation) or just bring the image over and fiddle with the extra 40gigs after. Or, can trueImage enlarge as needed as the image is being applied? Anyone have any experience with this type of change?

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    Re: Partition before image or after on new HD (XPP SP2

    I don't have TI workstation but with TI Home ( I have TI v.10 ) When you <big>restore</big> an image of a drive it will blow away the existing partition and create a new one of the same size as the one that was in place when you created the image, then restore files, settings, etc to agree with the old image.
    So unless you create the new partitions with the same size as old, you are back to square one again.
    However, if you partition the new drive as you want with the larger partitions, the use TI in it's CLONE hard drive mode, you can bring the old information and have it adjust to the new partition size.
    Click on "Manage Hard Drives>Clone" and the wizard will guide you along.

    Below are the features of CLONE:
    Disk Cloning

    You might find that your hard disk does not have enough space for the operating system and installed applications, preventing you from updating your software. In this case, you have to transfer the system to a higher-capacity hard disk.Acronis

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