Strange recurring tasks issue with which we need help. Through a Department Group Mailbox, a new recurring task is created to recur every month with a specific due date. The task is assigned to a user, who accepts the task. According to the user, when the task for the month is completed she marks it complete, and a new task is automatically created. However, the creator of the task doesn't always get the message that the task for the prior month has been completed. On the creator's machine, the task appears to be overdue, while on the acceptor's machine the task show as complete and the new task has been created.

The creator and the department use these assigned recurring tasks to make sure that specific tasks are addressed in a timely manner. The problem is, of course, the uncertainty of the assigner/creator as to whether the task is really overdue or if it has actually been completed. Has anyone else run into anything like this? Have you found a way to resolve the issue?

Thank you for whatever help you may be able to provide.