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    Excel VB Error (Office 2002)

    My co-workers and I are suddenly getting the following error when we try to "Move or Copy" a tab to another workbook:
    <font color=blue> File not found: 'CDOCUME~1usernameLOCALS~1TempVB71.tmp' </font color=blue>Excel often, but not always, crashes after the error. The name of the file changes by user. For instance my error was VB71.tmp while a co-workers was VB4A1.tmp. Also, we have been able to overcome the problem by saving as a web page and then re-saving as an Excel file.
    This started happening after IT did the Daylight Savings update AND [according to IT] service patch 1. My question is what should be done to figure out what is causing the error. Note that our IT department was drastically reduced due to RIFs and the remaining staff are not going to be able to figure this out. My first thought is to run MS Office setup and use the repair function to see if that helps. Any other suggestions? While the errors are intermittant, they are annoying when you are working on a deadline.

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    Re: Excel VB Error (Office 2002)

    See the thread starting at <post:=641,787>post 641,787</post:>. No solution yet, I'm afraid.

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