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    print to virtual letterhead (word 2000)

    Hi, I have created a template of our company's letterhead. I want to be able to print the same files I print to our standard laser printer (which is loaded with paper printed with the letterhead) to a *.pdf file which has our letterhead data included. My problem is that I do not want to use the template as traditionally done, i.e. opening the template and writing the document in the page with the template. I need to "sort of" merge the word doc to the template file only during printing. This way when I print to the PDF printer, the letterhead is automatically printed as well. And when I want to print the hardcopy to the laser printer (with the printed letterhead loaded) I can do so without the template being reprinted over the existing letterhead.
    I need this solution because our existing letterhead is printed with metallic colors which cannot be reproduced on a laser printer, so my files must be saved without the template.
    I know there is a way to do so since years back I had seen it work with Word 97.
    Hope someone can help

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    Re: print to virtual letterhead (word 2000)

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    I'd include the letterhead in the template and create a special style for it.
    Create a macro in the template that toggles the style to hidden text and back:

    Sub ToggleLetterhead()
    With ActiveDocument.Styles("Letterhead").Font
    .Hidden = Not .Hidden
    End With
    End Sub

    You'd set the style to hidden for printing to the laser printer, and to visible for printing to PDF.
    You have to make sure that hidden text doesn't get printed in the Print tab of Tools | Options.
    You can make the macro available through a custom toolbar button and/or keyboard shortcut.

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