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    Selfcert vs Office 2007 (Office 2000)

    I used selfcert to create a certificate and enable me to sign my vba macros, but this doesn't appear to help when my Office 2000 files are opened up in Office 2007. The option to 'always trust' is greyed out and the only option on opening is to disable macros. Is a newer selfcert available? Perhaps the Office 2007 macro security settings are set too high?

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    Re: Selfcert vs Office 2007 (Office 2000)

    For details of how to create a new self certificate in Office 2007 see Digitally sign a macro project

    Another option is if your files are in the same folder you can tell Excel to always trust files in that folder.

    Click on the Office logo then click on "Excel Options"
    In the left hand pane select "Trust Center" then click "Trust Center Settings"
    In the left pane click "Trusted locations" then click "Add New Location" to add the folder that contains your Excel files.

    You can use the same method for other Office applications.

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