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Thread: Silent Copy

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    Silent Copy

    I mention this one because it's free on Giveaway of the Day for today (April 5, 2007) only.

    "When you copy a lot of files the total system performance goes down and use of applications becomes inconvenient. It happens that Windows gives almost all resources of hard drive to the copying process and all applications must be waiting for the end of the action.

    Silent Copy allows you to copy your files not diminishing system performance. It moves data and distributes resources of your drives between running applications at the same time. Silent Copy allows you to set a priority to the process and control speed of the copying.

    It certainly seems to eradicate the "hung everything" syndrome during big copy operations - no noticable slowdown at all for me.


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    Re: Silent Copy

    Oh, I always miss the cool ones on "Giveaway of the Day." <img src=/S/disappointed.gif border=0 alt=disappointed width=15 height=15>

    I should just make that a daily chore. Anything that would aleviate the "Windows needs to stall all your other applications for 5 -45 seconds (unless something crashesd) to perform a basic OS function," annoyance would be loverly.

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