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    Return to place in a document upon reopening (2003)

    Is there any way to have word automatically return to the last place you were working? Is there any way to change this behavior?

    I work on documents, save and close, and at a later time reopen them to continue the work. The default opening is at the top. Most of the time I want to continue where I left off. It would be really nice to have the document move to the place I last worked.

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    Re: Return to place in a document upon reopening (2003)

    You can press Shift+F5 after opening the document to return to the place where it was last edited. You can also create a macro named AutoOpen in your

    Sub AutoOpen()
    End Sub

    This will go back to the last edit location automatically.

    Note: there is a problem with this in Word 2000 and later. See GoBack (Shift+F5) doesn't work in some newly-opened documents for a description and a workaround.

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    Re: Return to place in a document upon reopening (2003)

    Thanks. I looked all over the lack-of-help file for this information before I asked. I knew it had to be there.

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