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    Word linked to Excel (2003)

    I have a 13 section, 300 question (sequentially numbered) audit, formatted in Excel.
    For each of the 13 sections, I have 13 separate Word doc's detailing on how to complete each audit Q.

    The problem arises when I need to add/delete a Q in the audit.
    How can I link the Excel Q#'s to the Word document(s) so that when I add or subtract a question in the Excel audit, all of the Q#'s, in all 13 Word documents are updated with their new Q#'s?

    Is this type of link possible?

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide..

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    Re: Word linked to Excel (2003)

    > For each of the 13 sections, I have 13 separate Word doc's

    So you have 13*13 = 169 "doc's"? <img src=/S/flee.gif border=0 alt=flee width=25 height=25>

    But seriously, you could copy a question number in Excel to the clipboard, then use Edit | Paste Special in Word. Select "Unformatted text" and click "Paste link", then click OK.
    However, inserting and deleting numbers in Excel will not have the effect you want, since the text in Word will be linked to a fixed cell in Excel.

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