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    Automatic calendar updates (Word 2000)

    I'm not an experienced user of MS Word, so please be patient while I explain my question.

    I'm a member of a duplicate bridge club, and have been asked if it's possible to have my computer print sign-up sheets for our weekly games. The form itself is very simple, being nothing more than a date at the top of the page, and a series of horizontal lines below that the members will use to indicate when they expect to play. That part is well within my expertise; however, I would like the computer to print the first sheet, then move the date ahead by one week before printing the next sheet, and so on, and so on. That part is beyond my skills, and I neither know how to do it, or if it's even possible.

    If anyone here can suggest where I can find instructions for accomplishing this task, I would appreciate very much receiving that information.

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    Re: Automatic calendar updates (Word 2000)

    You could use mail merge for this:

    1) Create a separate document that contains a single table with one column.
    In the first row, enter the word Date
    In the second etc. rows, enter the appropriate dates.
    Save this document.

    Note: instead of a Word document, you can also create an Excel spreadsheet. It is relatively easy to fill a series of dates in Excel.

    2) Switch to your sign-up sheet document. Erase the date.
    Select Tools | Mail Merge...
    Follow the instructions, and select the document (or spreadsheet) with the list of dates as data source.
    Insert the Date field in your document, then return to Tools | Mail Merge and merge to a new document in step 3.

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