Possibly already documented elsewhere but at work we have just had several instances where Word would generate errors when opening docs, Outlook set to use Word as the editor would set off a Word error and the Attachmate mainframe client, Xtreme, would kick an error with Word. Turns out Xtreme opens a "hidden" instance of Word.

We went through many of the Office or Word debugging steps mentioned at this site but in bugging down the issue all of these recent errors were traced to a printer installation (not the same printer, not the same floor, etc) where the drivers on the local XP PC apparently were corrupt. We had to have the client uninstall the default printer and then using admin rights in our environment we right clicked on a blank spot in the printers and faxes folder, selected "Server Properties", click the Drivers tab, highlight the model of the default printer then click Remove.

Upon reinstalling the printer, new drivers are forced down from the print server to the PC. In our environment all the printer software is installed from the print servers.

Restarting Word, Outlook and the other apps involved saw no recurrence of the Word error.

Since this step is quicker than some other steps, it might be considered as something to try prior to more time consuming diags or repairs.