I have a customer with Office 2000 SR1 installed on 5 machines. They have shared (personal) calendars between them. Due to the problems I have encountered only with this site, I have made one machine the 'owner' of the 5 calendars, sharing them with each of the individuals in the office.
Normally, when a user makes a change to their calendar (in the net folder on their machine labelled 'Freds Calendar'), the update will be sent to the owner of the calendar file (as you would expect), and then be replicated out to each of the users (subscribers) of that calendar.
Normally, I stress, normally, this works fine, but every now and then (no fixed timeframe, activity occuring, etc) one person will make an update to their calendar, it will go to the central machine, then they get a copy of it back on their own machine, and Outlook proceeds to add a new copy of the entry to their copy of calendar - this appears to cause a cyclic loop - this update goes back to the central location, then back to each user, and so on.
In a few cases, this happens very quickly, and can cause chaos in the office - suddenly there is a flood of network traffic, and the occurrences grow quickly (although no one can do anything else on the network as it is so clogged-up).
I have also seen a couple of cases where we get a Net Folders Conflict message come up on the machine with the duplication.

Has anyone else seen a situation similar to this, please, and can anyone offer any advice on how to debug this problem?

Many thanks