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    Landscape Report Default (2003)

    Hello, I have made a horizontal/landscape report which is accessed by clicking a button on my main form. Unfortunately when the report is displayed it is vertical. When I go to page set-up, it says it's on landscape but it clearly isn't. When I click on the vertical option in the page set-up, close the window, and then re-open page-set-up and click landscape, the report finally is displayed correctly. Is there an OnOpen command/ VBA code which will always default my report to landscape view in page set-up, accounting for the fact that when opened it originally says it IS landscape, but only really switches to landscape when I change it to vertical and then back. Thanks!!!!!!!


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    Re: Landscape Report Default (2003)

    I'd try the following first:
    Select Tools | Options...
    Activate the General tab.
    Make sure that 'Track Name AutoCorrect Info' is off (clear).
    The Name AutoCorrect feature may cause reports to "forget" their page setup.
    You will have to set the report to landscape once more after this.

    Post back if this doesn't help.

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