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    Mail Merge (2003)

    I am trying to create a mail merge page in Publisher that is like a label page in Word. I need to use Publisher because I need to turn the text upside down in one section. I can create the page and I have succesfully merged the data but it will only print the same data over and over instead of data from 6 different people on a page.
    I need to insert a next record command like in Word but I can't figure out how to do it.
    Any suggestions.



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    Re: Mail Merge (2003)

    In a table cell in Word, you can rotate text 90 degrees to the left and to the right, so by designing the label page sideways, you can get upside-down text in Word.

    Mail merge in Publisher is much more limited than in Word.

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    Re: Mail Merge (2003)

    Hi Paul,
    When on a blank page, go to tools - Mail and Catalog Merge - Mail....Wizard

    The wizard should open up to the left. Follow the steps. At the end it will give you the option to directly Print or make a Pub file with all the pages (one page for each merge)

    Now, if you have already done the above then it might be your data source. I use an Outlook address file for my data and it seems to work ok. If you only have 6 you might want to add them to a Publisher address book and use that as your data file. (I think that is gives you that option when you are working through the steps of the mail wizard.)

    After you get the data items (first name, last name, etc) into the 'label box' then you can format the box any way that you want. Color, rotate, placement on page, etc.

    Hope that works.

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