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    Can I automatically Print Selection? (2003)

    I have migrated over from WordPerfect, and one of the big annoyances I find is the Print Selection command. WordPerfect and many other programs assume that if you have selected (highlighted) a bunch of words and then hit the print command, that you want to print only the selection. The Print Selection command is already highlighted.

    Too many times now I have highlighted something and hit the print button, forgetting that it only prints the whole, hundred-plus page document.

    Is there a way to tell Word to print the highlighted section? (Oh yes--Excel has done it to me also.)

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    Re: Can I automatically Print Selection? (2003)

    Among the first things I always do in Word is to remove the Print button from the Standard toolbar and to replace it with the Print... button from the File category (note the ellipsis ... after the word Print).
    This way, clicking the Print button brings up the File | Print dialog. You'd still have to click the "Selection" option, though.

    You could put the following macro in a module in or in a global template (add-in):

    Sub FilePrint()
    With Application.Dialogs(wdDialogFilePrint)
    If Not Selection.Type = wdSelectionIP Then
    .Range = wdPrintSelection
    End If
    End With
    End Sub

    This macro will "hijack" the built-in File | Print dialog and click the Selection option for you if the current selection is not collapsed to an insertion point.
    I haven't stress tested this in all circumstances.

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    Re: Can I automatically Print Selection? (2003)

    I was typing a little fast, and I forgot to mention that I had changed the "Print" button to the "Print..." button.

    I will try your macro and let you know if anything unusual happens. Thanks for this help.

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