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    Mocking up a Japanese layout on a US workstation (Word 2003)

    Hi, all. Here in our U.S. office, we have documents sent to us by our Japanese partners. We are trying to create templates from these, which would imitate the page layout, etc. One of the main problems I'm having is that, even though I THINK I have my machine set up correctly, I replicate the exact settings. It doesn't help that I don't understand Japanese layout/typography very well, either.

    The documents that we have been sent have the desired Page Setup information as shown in the attachment. I've set up Office with the Japanese language option, and set Word to use millimeters and to measure in characters (Tools: Options > General). However, when I write code to be used to format documents with the settings below, the "Pitch" settings never match. In fact, where their document specifies a "character pitch" (?) of 10.5 points (at 43 characters per line) and a "line pitch" of 18 (at 37 lines per page), the settings never get set that way even when done through code. Also, I had to resort to the "FilePageSetup" dialog because I couldn't find a "character pitch" or "line pitch" property in VBA.

    So, what I now have is a kludgy piece of code that uses both "ActiveDocument.PageSetup" properties and the "Dialogs(wdDialogFilePageSetup)" property to accomplish one thing. And here's what makes matters really confusing: if I use the Dialogs(wdDialogFilePageSetup) property to set the pitch(es) before I use the ActiveDocument.PageSetup properties to set the rest of the options, the character pitch changes from 10.5 to 10.55 and the line pitch changes from 18 to 18.15; BUT if I use the PageSetup dialog after setting the other options, Characters per line changes from 43 to 42 and the pitch from 10.5 to 10.55, while the Lines per page change from 37 to 46 and the pitch from 18 to 14.3!!

    Here is the piece of code.
    With Dialogs(wdDialogFilePageSetup)
    .charpitch = 10.5
    ' .CharsLine = 43 'I get better results when this is set below
    .linepitch = 18
    ' .LinesPage = 37 'I get better results when this is set below
    End With
    With ActiveDocument.PageSetup
    .TopMargin = MillimetersToPoints(30)
    .BottomMargin = MillimetersToPoints(30)
    .LeftMargin = MillimetersToPoints(25)
    .RightMargin = MillimetersToPoints(25)
    .Gutter = MillimetersToPoints(0)
    .HeaderDistance = MillimetersToPoints(10)
    .FooterDistance = MillimetersToPoints(15)
    .PageWidth = MillimetersToPoints(210)
    .PageHeight = MillimetersToPoints(297)
    .CharsLine = 43
    .LinesPage = 37
    .LayoutMode = wdLayoutModeGrid
    End With

    I'm flying blind. Can anyone give me some guidance or point me towards a good resource? (Unfortunately, our partners in Japan are not very savvy when it comes to document formatting, but they know what they want. I know that differences of 5/100ths of an inch would be imperceptible, but it's confusing nonetheless, and shows I don't understand as much as I would like to.)

    Thanks so much!
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