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    Recurring meetings updated in the past (Outlook2003)

    Sometimes people have recuriing meetings scheduled for years, then a new person is added on the recipient-list and an update to the recurring meeting is sent. On my system the result is that ALL meetings are updated, ALSO those that are in the past. So e.g. if I declined an individual meeting some months ago, now it's back there again. Also; if you're newly invited, you get all the meetings from last year written into your schedule anyway...
    As I sometimes use my schedule to check what meetings I attended etc. I do not want this but need my Calendar to ONLY update meetings in the future.

    This must be possible (I hope)... but how??? (by-the-way... we're on an Exchange server)

    Erik Jan

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    Re: Recurring meetings updated in the past (Outloo

    You have hit on one reason that I don't create unlimited period recurring meetings in Outlook. I usually set them for a 26 week/6 month period, and set a reminder to myself to start a new series for the next six months about a month in advance. There is no solution to the issue of being re-invited, UNLESS the meeting organizer removes you from the invitees. I have the same problem; my job changed, I'm still on a perpetual "strategy " meeting that has no relevance to me, and the organizer has ignored my requests to be removed from the meeting.
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