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    Missing MBR? (XP SP2)

    I decided to forget about trying to get the data, and want to format. Now I have to hit the ESC key and boot from my C drive, or I get a black screen that says "Missing Master Boot Record, press any key to continue. I'm trying to use Paragon's Hard Disk Manager to format, and when I try, I'm told the disk is in use. Any ideas? I hope this is enough info to help. I used to be able to answer these questions, I haven't done any of this forever....sheesh!

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    Re: Missing MBR? (XP SP2)

    Welcome to the Lounge!

    Please, try to explain clearly what exactly you are trying to do - it makes a lot easier to help you. What are you trying to format? What do you see when you power on your computer? Which program prompts you to hit the Esc key? Why do you want to use Paragon's Hard Disk Manager, not native Windows XP tools to format the drive?

    If you want to repair your Windows installation, boot from your Windows XP Installation CD and choose the option "Repair Windows".

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