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    Cannot change keyboard settings (win xp)


    I cannot change my keyboard settings , l have tried international settings but that did not work. I would lile to press SHIFT then 2 to get a " symbol and not a @ symbol. I also cannot get a english pound symbol , all l get is # instead. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Cannot change keyboard settings (win xp)

    There's probably a simpler way to do this, but what works for me is...
    <UL><LI>right click the task bar
    <LI>select Toolbars...
    <LI>select the Language Toolbar
    <LI>click the drop down arrow on the Language toolbar
    <LI>select Settings...
    <LI>Add the keyboard layout you want using the Add button[/list]StuartR

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    Re: Cannot change keyboard settings (win xp)

    Click Start > Control Panel and open Regional and Language Options (Date, Time, Language and Regional Options > Regional and Language Options).

    On Regional and Language Options window, click Languages tab and then Details button.

    On Text Services and Input Languages window you will probably see English (United States) language. Click Add button and select a language you prefer to use with your keyboard (say, English - United Kingdom or English - United States). Then check "Keyboard layout/IME" checkbox and from drop-down list select the layout for your keyboard (say, United Kingdom Extended). Click OK. If you chose the same language as it was use before, you can delete the previous instance (highlight it and click Remove button). Click Apply, OK, OK to close all windows.

    If you prefer, you can create your own keyboard layout (by modifying one of existing ones, for instance). Download Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (you need to validate your Windows installation to do so) and install it. Then create a keyboard layout, install it on your computer and select it to be used as described above.

    ----Later addition-----

    If you want to see which keyboard layout you are using, click Start > Run, type OSK and hit Enter (or click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > On-screen Keyboard).
    Click Shift to see uppercase characters.

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