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    Data not found fnUneostor 2 failed

    When I start up Windows 95, I get a small gray box that says "Data not found", when I close it, I get another box that says "fnUneostor2 failed". When I close it, I get two more series of the same two messages. When I closed each of those, then I can use my computer. Periodically (random pattern) I also get a message that the "MPR.dll file will not start". At that point I have to restart the computer. Can anyone tell me how to fix whatever is wrong, and get rid of these error messages? Thanks. - Barb.

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    Re: Data not found fnUneostor 2 failed

    The startup problem is caused by Uniloc trying to load
    after a bad install or bad remove.

    Removing it from the start-up listing will be a quick fix.

    Here is a message link regarding this.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=> </A>

    The MPR.dll seems to refer to a Hewlett Packard
    scanjet utility?

    Here is a link about fixing that one.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

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