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    Sorting by field window (2003)

    Hi there,

    On my home laptop I have outlook setup (or it setup itself) in a way that allows me to 'drag a column header to group by that column' (refer to attached picture). Unfortunately at work I am having problems establishing this sort of function. Due to work limitations on the mailbox size, I have moved all the mail inbox and sent messages in annual (separate) pst folders, eg 2005, 2006. WHile I still have the ability to drag column headers to sort/group in the main mailbox inbox, I cannot get this functionality to work in the separate pst folders at work (at home its you can see by the attached picture).

    Can anyone tell me how to set up this capability?

    Also, I am sure I have been able to just select the header 'categories' to sort in the past, but at the moment whenever I do this Outlook comes up with 'cant sort by this field'. Am I missing something here, I must have I been imagining that I could sort by this field at one stage???
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    Re: Sorting by field window (2003)

    If at least one item belongs to multiple categories, it's not possible to sort by category, as the item would have to appear multiple times. You can group by category, though.

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