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    Querying SQLServer tables (AccessXP)

    I would like to write some queries for a SQLServer backend database. I have not been successful using the "Linked Table Manager" to connect to all the tables because some of the fields and primary keys have strange names (eg with full stops ".") which cause errors and Access won't link to them. Also, Access doesn't display any of the relationships between the tables.
    Is there a way to use Access as the front-end just for writing queries, to view the SQLServer tables as they are set up? I saw some articles about using and ADP as the front end, but I am having the same problems linking to the tables as I do when using the MDB.

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    Re: Querying SQLServer tables (AccessXP)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    It might be more efficient to create queries (views) in SQL Server itself. If you follow Access naming conventions, you should be able to link to the views in Access without problem.

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