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    Account transfer (XP prof or home)

    Hi All,

    Is there some easy way within Win XP, or some utility, to tranfer the settings of one account that dictate what that user sees from one computer to another computer?

    I have a friend that shares a computer with his wife, each with their own user account. He just bought her a laptop for her birthday and would like to transfer whatever information from the shared computer onto the new laptop that affects what his wife sees (ie, the user experience).

    Dealing just with Documents and Settings, we know that there are certain things that a user sees on Start menus, for example, that she'd still like to see on the new computer. These are things that exist on the old computer under Document and Settingswife as well as under the "All Users" folder.

    It is easy enough for me to transfer files under Documents and Settingswife to the new computer via a thumb drive using Win Explorer. My friend is not an expert so he couldn't do this. So we're wondering about a utility to do this.

    Of course, it would be nice to transfer the programs from one computer to the other but this could be software piracy. One thing at a time.



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    Re: Account transfer (XP prof or home)

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