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    Inserting art into protected document

    I have a flyer that I'm creating for a client who would like to have the document protected so that only the applicable form fields are editable. However, they would also like to be able to insert various company logos as well. Can this be done within a protected document? When I try to insert the file, my options are all "grayed out." Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Inserting art into protected document

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    When you protect a document for forms, you can specify which sections of the document will be protected. In the protected sections, users can only edit text in the form fields, but in the unprotected sections, users can freely enter text, insert pictures etc.
    So you should insert section breaks to mark parts of the document. Continuous section breaks are often the most suitable for this purpose, but you can use other types of section breaks too.
    To specify which sections should be protected, select Tools | Protect document... In Word 2002 and before, you'll get a dialog, Word 2003 will activate the protection task pane. In either, when you indicate that you want to protect the document for forms, a Sections... button will become enabled.

    Note: headers and footers cannot be edited in a protected document, even in unprotected sections.

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