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    Table relationships (Access 2000)

    I am in the process of revamping my form for issuing offers and i think the best way is to ask for the correct way from the very beginning in order to avoid greater mistakes later on.My first question is as to the correct relationship between the tables.Up to now i had 2 tables related, i.e. tblClients and tblOffers
    and in the table offerd i put the field Clientid.Now i want to improve my form for the offers and want to include also the table Customers in order to be able to make an offer either for a client or for a customer.I have tried to make a combined query for both tables however i cannot make the form with it.Also, i do not know how to relate the tables in a relationship.Is it possible to make such a form ?
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    Re: Table relationships (Access 2000)

    I wouldn't use separate tables for customers and clients, but a single table. Add a Yes/No field that can be set to Yes for a customer and No for a client.

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