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    Designing a report (Access 2000)

    What is actually the difference between the report header and the page header ? . What is preferred to be placed on the report header and what on the page header ? I want to make a report for offers.The company logos and the customer names should be all put one the page header.And what about the report header? Could someone recommend me a site where i could see an example or better a template with reports in order to copy the design ?

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    Re: Designing a report (Access 2000)

    The only real difference is that the report header appears once in a report - on the first page. The page header appears on every page. There are differences with counts/calculations etc. between report footers and page footers.
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    Re: Designing a report (Access 2000)

    The page header is displayed at the top of each page of the report.
    The report header is displayed only once, on the first page of the report, before all group and detail sections, not on the other pages.

    Similarly, the page footer is displayed at the bottom of each page.
    The report footer is displayed only once, on the last page of the report, after all details and group sections.

    You use the page header and footer for information you want to appear on all pages of the report, such as the page number, and perhaps the date, etc.
    The report header is used (for example) to create a title page for the report.
    The report footer is often used to display summary information - overall totals, etc.

    Here are some links to sample databases:
    Northwind Traders Sample Database (this one is usually installed with Access)
    Sample Applications Download (two databases: Orders.mdb and Solutions.mdb)
    Report Topics

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