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    xp Home network file shares (xp home edition )

    I have a dexktop running XP home edition, networked (wifi) to a laptop running w2k. The XP system shares a folder with the laptop so I can transfer files. That was until last week. Now when I try to acces the XP share folder from W2K it asks fro a userid & password (never did this before), when I enter a valid ID and PW nothing happens, I am looped back to the UID/PW screen.

    So what changed. well I upgraded from norton interent security 2006 to Norton 360.

    What I have tried so far (none of whitch have worked)

    1) Disabled Norton 360 Firewall.
    2) Disabled windows firewall
    3) Attempted to setup a second share
    4) Verified userid and passwords (both same on XP and W2K systems)
    5) Called Symantec (suggested reinstall Norton 360 ) could not explain why, or what this would fix , so I declined
    6) have successfully accessed folders on the laptop (W2k) from the xp

    The w2k laptop can see the xp server in the workgroup, it is only when I access the server/folder that I get the request for UID/PW.

    On the XP syetem the security log shows Logon/Logoff event , that failed because of a "unknown user name or bad password",
    I have checked and rechecked UID/PW and they are correct ie same as on XP machine...

    Any constructive thoughts welcome.

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    Re: xp Home network file shares (xp home edition )

    Probably the best approach is to read through this Star Post <!post=Troubleshooting file shares on a home network,589883>Troubleshooting file shares on a home network<!/post>

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