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    Wrong Page Number - help pls!!! (MS Word 2002 SP3)

    I have been trying to solved this problem for several hours! I have a document with 173 pages, a TOC and footers. After page 157 163/173 instead of page 158 164/173, page 142 164/173 follows!! I have tried many things... deleting the pages with the wrong numbers, changing the page breaks, etc but I can

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    Re: Wrong Page Number - help pls!!! (MS Word 2002

    Page numbers usually only become discontinuous when you reach a section break. This is hard to detect in Print Layout view. Change to Normal view and see whether you can find a section break. It might be there for a good reason, so I wouldn't just delete it. Instead, if you click in the later section, open a header or footer, and click the Format Page Number button on the Header/Footer toolbar, you can check whether it is hardcoded to start at page 163 and, if so, you can change it back to continue from the previous page. Does that work?

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