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    Peer to Peer Network

    I recently did a FDISK/FORMAT/REINSTALL of Windows98se due to file corruption that froze the system. There was a D-Link DFE-530 TX+ Ethernet card already installed. The new Windows98se installation identified the card, did some file loading, and requested the Floppy Disk Adapter Driver Program. be inserted. I did this and followed all on screen instructions only to be stopped by a window stating that file NETDLKRT.INF could not be located on the floppy. (Strange, when it was the Driver floppy supplied with the D-Link kit that I used). Also strange, in that it worked fine on my original installation. I downloaded the latest driver software off the D-Link WEB site, and experienced the very same results. Now I don't have the network installed, and at every boot up, I get windows stating that files VNETSUP.VXD, VREDIR.VXD, and DFS.VXD are called for in the registry but are missing. Also a final window stating unable to load Dynamic Link Library MSNP32.DLL. Also I don't have Network neighborhood icon on my desktop. Adding Client for Microsoft Networks to Network Properties does not correct this

    I have E-mailed this problem to the D-link support address 3 times over the past 2 weeks with no response. ( I have called D-Link on their support phone number with no pick up. (1-949-790-5290) The phone will ring until the phone company cuts in with the message that the party in not answering and the call will be terminated.

    Really, I have 2 issues here:
    1) Can anyone help me with my system problem?
    2) Does anyone know what is the trouble with D-Link? Are they out of business? Have they dropped customer support?

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    Re: Peer to Peer Network

    DLink is definitely still in business.

    As far as your problem goes, use find files or explorer to locate the EXACT PATH to the needed INF file on either your original floppy or the expanded download.

    Delete ALL your network components and reboot your system.

    The network card should be auto-detected on reboot. When the component is installing it will ask for location of driver software. Enter or browse to the previously recorded location. Continue with the install.

    This should fix your problem.

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