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    Logon Error message (5.1.2600 sp2 build 2600)

    New problem last few days. Taskbar often freezing and when I reboot, get the following Logon Message. "The system could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in password must be typed using the correct case.
    By "taskbar freezing", I mean that programs which were running and have been exited remain on taskbar, but do not show as either running applications or procedures in Task Manager. I cannot activate programs using mouse on Quick Launch, though can do so from Desktop and from within Task Manager. I do not know if this is a separate problem.
    After entering my password, Windows starts up normally. This never happened before. My settings were such that I did not have to go through logon procedure. I am system administrator.
    Have tried scanning for spyware using both up-to-date Spybot and Ad Aware, and did complete virus scan using Kaspersky.
    Please advise.

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    Re: Logon Error message (5.1.2600 sp2 build 2600)

    I see several problems with your computer.

    1. Computer "freezes" from time to time. You can not use mouse to manipulate windows, but by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete you can call Task Manager.

    This behavior usually causing by Microsoft Update checking for installing updates. In Task Manager, click Processes tab, and then CPU column twice. You will see that the process svchost.exe consuming 100% of your CPU resources during hardware and installed hotfixes check. Usually it takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes (depending of your CPU clock speed) once a week. Regular Windows XP installation includes 90 to 100 updates so far, and checking all of them takes time. When your computer "freezes", take a break and drink a cup of coffee, or... disable Windows update (not recommended!).

    2. Your autologon procedure includes a wrong password.

    Most likely you changed your password recently, but did not update your Autologon routine. Open TewakUI, on the left pane navigate to Logon > Autologon, on the right pane check "Log on automatically at system startup" checkbox and make sure that your account name is correct, then click "Set Password" button and reset your password.
    If you do not have TweakUI installed, download it from Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP (in the middle of the right column 147 KB download).

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