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    One header problem and possible footer problem ((2

    I am helping my wife type up a research proposal for one of her nursing classes. I am having an issue with the header and a separate issue with a footer.

    Header problem: On some pages where we have placed appendices, the header appears to be 'clipping off' the top pixel or two of the characters on the first line (top margin is once in, header is standard size and has nothing typed in it). How do I get it to print right?

    Footer problem: On pages 38 and 39, the page numbers do not appear. They are there for 1-37 and 40-62, but not on these two pages and I can find anything that would cause them not to show.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: One header problem and possible footer problem

    An empty Header should have no effect on text in the document. Is there any chance that the problem text has an errant line height setting and/or "raised" characters (similar to superscript, but done using the second tab in the Font dialog)?

    For the footer, I assume you have check in those specific pages and the page number is visible in Print Layout view? If not, perhaps something is "covering" the page number or pages 38 and 39 are a section in which the footer deviates from previous.

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