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    MSN Messenger and odd Registry finds (XP Pro SP2)

    I'm in a rebellious mood here at work - as far as I know, after 22 years my job(s) are being outsourced to the subcontinent and I could have as little as a month left (nice how they don't tell us until the day is here). I decided I'd look into changing my MSN Messenger status from the lame "Out to lunch" or "On the phone" to something more honest - like "Working on resume" or "Looking for a job". I searched the web and found nothing except shareware that would let me do such a thing, but since we upgraded to XP they've cracked way down on our ability to install whatever we feel like.
    So I decided to search the registry to see if those status entries are easily available to edit within the registry. Well, they're not, as far as I can tell. So if anyone has a neat trick up their sleeve for editing MSN Messenger status labels, I'd love to hear it.

    What I did find in the registry is odd - disturbing to me, at least, and probably run of the mill, but I figured I'd ask to see if what I found might pose any kind of security risk.

    In the registry section HKEY_USERS, there's a subsection with a very, very long numeric label: S-1-5-21-2112754840-354624142-596004286-121882. Below that is the path Software ... Yahoo ... IMvironments, and under this there are a lot of entries such as butterfinger, eloise, eragon, ghostrider, grudge2 - quite apparently advertising. Is this where those annoying screen overlays come from - you know, the kind that don't give you the 'close' button until they've run their course, or do a really good job of camouflaging the 'close' button? Is this indicative of any kind of weak security, or a hole that can be plugged by a patch of some kind?
    I also noticed, in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section, an area called Windows 3.1 Migration Status. Which caught my attention because I've had this laptop for less than a year, and it came preinstalled with XP. That, I'm just curious about.

    I'm sorry for the rambling nature of this post - but lately it's been hard to concentrate on anything here at work, except the looming employment issue.
    Well, back to my resume.
    Have a cookie -


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    Re: MSN Messenger and odd Registry finds (XP Pro SP2)

    Problem is that the status labels are codes whose display text is language dependent. If you specify "busy", a French user will see "occup

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