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    Scheduled E-Mail Notification (03)

    Is it possible to automate (schedule) e-mail notifications based upon a query table?

    Within the query I maintain a list of dates, time and e-mail addresses. Therefore based upon a predetermined period or length of time an e-mail message would be sent.


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    Re: Scheduled E-Mail Notification (03)

    You would need to keep the database open all the time, and to keep a form open all the time, with an On Timer event procedure that scans the table and compares the date/time in each record with the current date and time to see if an e-mail should be sent.
    You'd also need either to delete records after the e-mail has been sent, or set a flag (Yes/No field) to indicate that the e-mail has been sent, to avoid sending the same e-mail multiple times.

    Note: it's best to use a separate database with linked tables for this, for working directly in a database with a running timer can have unpleasant and irritating side effects.

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