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    Fit to page (2003)

    I have been asked a question about Visio, and I don't use the program. But, since I am the "go to" person, they asked me. Here is the question.

    How to I take a Visio file that was created to fit a D Size page layout and print it as an 11x17 size. When I go to page set up and change it to "fit one page" and pick "ledger" it shows fine on the page size vs drawing size viewer, but when it prints it only prints part of the layout. What I have been doing is a work around - I print it to a PDF as and then change it to print out of the PDF as 11x17, but this does not always work nicely. Do you have a better suggestion on how to "fit" a Visio file to a certain size print layout?

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    Re: Fit to page (2003)

    When I have had to do this in the past, I changed the page size, and then I changed the Drawing Scale on Page Setup to make the objects fit the new page size.

    You also have an option in Page Setup to fit the drawing to fit exactly one page across and 1 page down.

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