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    Error Msg On Calculation (Access 2002)

    On The Transaction Form I'm receiving a 2 Errors . Total Deposit & Balance txt boxes. I used a template to create the DB and I'm modifying it for my needs.
    Total Deposits =forms!Transactions!<transactions Subform>.form![Total Deposits] . Balance =nz([Total Deposits])-nz([Total Withdrawals]) . I know Balance is bombing out because Total Deposits is bombing. Not sure what info you require, I attempted to upload the DB but I received an error msg. <img src=/S/brickwall.gif border=0 alt=brickwall width=25 height=15>
    You're assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks A Bunch!

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    Re: Error Msg On Calculation (Access 2002)

    The expression

    =forms!Transactions!.form![Total Deposits]

    is incorrect. If this is on the Transactions form itself, the Control Source of the Total Deposit text box should simply be Total Deposit (without an = before it, and without explicitly referring to a form).

    If you still have problems and want to attach a copy of your database, see <post#=401925>post 401925</post#> for instructions.

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