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    Importing Inbox (Outlook 2002)

    I switched to a new computer, using Vista. I carried over some PST files and linked to them--but they show mail from a few years ago, not my current folders. Should I look for another file to access? I still have my old computer (XP-SR2), please tell me the correct file to look for.

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    Re: Importing Inbox (Outlook 2002)

    The main .pst file usually has the name of your e-mail profile. You may also have an archive file used by AutoArchive, and perhaps other .pst files created by you for special purposes. The default location is

    Cocuments and Settings<username>Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook

    Local Settings and Application Data are hidden folders, so you must show hidden files and folders in Windows Explorer in order to see these folders. You could do a search for .pst files to see if there are others.

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